Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is at the top middle of any page in

You can see what is the cart, adjust the quantity of any item in the cart, input coupon code or check out with the Shopping Cart.

What should I do after I choose the product?

Go to the Shopping Cart, which locates at the top middle of any page in

You can see what is the cart, adjust the quantity of any item in the cart, input coupon code or check out with the Shopping Cart.

Why the price of "Full Set" when I check out is differece than the price I saw in the product page?

Full Set mean one colour (include black) cartridge each.   If you choose Full Set, the order amount should be unit price of each cartridge + add on for full set.

For example, TN348 High Yield toner cartridge cost $69 / each and there is "FullSet (+NZ$199.89) ".   If you link full set and choose that option, the order amount is $69+$199.89=$268.89.   When you check out, please pay $268.89 (include GST)

Which payment method I can choose?

  • Bank Bransfer or Bank Deposit to ASB or ANZ
  • Instant & Safe online payment with Poli Payment (any NZ bank online account) (
  • Credit card or Debit card (via Paypal, largest payment gateway in the world. Do not need Paypal account for credit/debit card payment)
  • Cheque.   (payable to "General Software Co Limited") and post to 47A Hope Farm Avenue, Pakuranga Heights,Auckland, 2010
  • Cash or other if you come to pick up
  • Please see for detail information.

Where do I enter my Coupon Code

Select the cartridges you want and click "Add to Cart"
Then click on the button on the top of the screen that says "View Your Cart"
On the Cart page click in the circle next to "Use Coupon Code" - or click on the words "Use Coupon Code" This will open another box - click in the box then type in the coupon code and click "Apply Coupon" button Then continue with Checkout

How good is your cartridge and refill

TonerInk use best material to manufacture the cartridges.  We have cartridge world leading expert to research / develop and troubleshooting the cartridge problem.   Cartridge world leading lab and technician support group to support the customer and retail business in different country.

TonerInk has multiple inkworks lab at difference location to provide best local support.  Technician at inkworks lab have full experience at printer technology.

Why provide so affordable ink?

     The genuine cartridges are so expensive, like an extortion!   Printer companies are selling printers at next to cost price, expecting you to buy their cartridges for outrageous prices.  A set of genuine cartridges often costs more than a printer.      To prevent customer buying a new printer instead of the cartridges, some cartridges supplied with a new printer are usually low capacity cartridges (less than 30% of the normal capacity).  Just to get you started.  

       Each wise customer is looking for a cheaper alternatives.  Why not try 's affordable ink!

Do you provide other food to computer

TonerInk provide wide range NZ comsumables products.   Best cartridge with best support help customer in NZ to save money and get best experience at NzComsumable product like toner and ink.  Besides, any other Nzcomsumables product like ink refill and toner refill also available. Please inquire for Nz comsumbles.

TonerInk focus on computer food, like toner cartridge, ink cartridge, refills, continuous ink system, ink jet paper, photo paper.   You can send email to us for ask about other computer food.