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DO NOT let the printer cartridges harm your business or life?  Why reputation and support are so important?

     People will be exhausted when he or she meet some problem when they want to print some important document but the printer asks to replace the toner cartridge or ink cartridge.    Until then, the customer does not know the quality and support of the printer cartridge supplier.   If the quality or support is not not enough, they will just waste the critical time and look somewhere else to buy the best quality toner and ink cartridge from a reputable supplier.   

     We ofter receive URGENT calls and live chat or email from a customer, who faces great difficulty when installing the cartridge from some less quality and less support supplier.    He or she might have an important document or assignment to printer in an afternoon, evening or weekend, but the printer refuses the cartridge or the print quality is unacceptable.     Some customer has to drive near a hundred km (both way) to get the cartridge from us or pay more than $100 to hire an urgent courier to pick up and deliver.  

    Choosing Tonerink international, the best toner ink supplier award in 2019, 2020 and 2021, is the smartest choice for a customer.    Anyway, customers will not know the quality and support until they replace the cartridge.    And, in most cases, that is the time when customers have some batch important document to print.     So, reputation and support are more important for choosing cartridge for future use. 

Will compatible cartridges supplied damage my printer?

     NO.    Will not. has its own qualified manufacture base. (Unlike other supply is just a channel).  It is ISO-9001 certified to maintain the quality of the cartridges they produce.  All of TonerInk brand cartridges are manufactured to the same standards as originals, meaning they are basically the same shape, size and volume, and therefore work perfectly.  The Tonerink brand ink cartridge from will not damage your printer.

Will using compatible cartridges void the warranty on my printer?

    No, the NZ Commerce Act 1986 actually states that it is illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of cartridge as this is deemed to be anti-competitive behaviour.      Furthermore under the Fair Trading Act 1986 it is illegal to state that you must use a particular brand of cartridge as this is misleading behavior.   Your warranty covers manufacturing defects and is unaffected by the brand of cartridge that you use.

Why these cartridges from are so cheap compare with Genuine Cartridge?

     The genuine cartridges are so expensive, like extortion!   Printer companies are selling printers at next to cost price, expecting you to buy their cartridges for outrageous prices.  A set of genuine cartridges often costs more than a printer.      To prevent customer buying a new printer instead of the cartridges, some cartridges supplied with a new printer are usually low capacity cartridges (less than 30% of the normal capacity).  Just to get you started.  

       Each wise customer is looking for a cheaper alternative.  Why not try!

Do these cartridges hold as much ink as genuine cartridges?

      Yes, these cartridges are filled to the same level if not more than that in genuine cartridges.  

      On some models we manufacturer base will “overfill” the cartridge so it contains more ink than the genuine cartridge.  

      For some printers we also have available High Capacity cartridges that contain even more ink.

Do you sell genuine printer cartridge and printer related products?

  YES.    If you do like a genuine cartridge, please search genuine + model for the genuine cartridge at wholesale price directly to your door.     Or, you can use live chat (at the bottom right of the screen or call us 09-5760834 to let the expert help you to find the model.  

How about the print out quality?

      Please check it by yourself.  You can see the print test pages at

      Besides, we have risk free guarantee.   After you order and receive the cartridges, you can test them by yourself.   If you are not satisfied, you can return it to us within a certain period and get refund (Please see below for the detail of guarantee).  

      So, absolutely ZERO RISK!


My printer requires cartridges with a chip will yours work for me?

      Yes, all our cartridges (except special DIY models) are built with chips (if need).   They are Plug & Play.   Use them just like using the genuine cartridge.  

What do I do if compatible cartridges don’t work in my printer?

    We sold tens of thousand cartridges every year.  They all work fine.   If you have the correct model cartridge, it should work.

    We have a detail instruction available and support if you do have any problems.  In most cases, it is as simple as running a cleaning cycle on your printer.  

    The faulty rate of the cartridge we supplied is less than 0.3%.  In a small number of cases you may encounter problems with the cartridges we sold, we will happily replace them (or refund if necessary).

Guarantee from guarantees customer satisfaction. 

     *If the customer is unsatisfied with the cartridge we supplied with any reason or no reason, the customer can return it within 48 hours, we will provide replacement or refund (if necessary).  

     Besides, we have 180 days of warranty, if there is any quality problem with your toner or ink cartridge, we will offer you the replacement.  Customer satisfaction is our mission.

     *No reason return and replace/refund is apply to Tonerink brand premium A+ printer cartridge (ink cartridge or toner cartridge or drum cartridge) only.    Not apply to mouse / headphone / paper / printer / original cartridge / refillable cartridge / ciss system /  low cost no brand aftermarket cartridge etc. 


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