Cheap toner cartridge or ink cartridge

Why these cartridges from are so cheap compare with Genuine Cartridge?

     The genuine cartridges are so expensive, like an extortion!   Printer companies are selling printers at next to cost price, expecting you to buy their cartridges for outrageous prices.  A set of genuine cartridges often costs more than a printer.      To prevent customer buying a new printer instead of the cartridges, some cartridges supplied with a new printer are usually low capacity cartridges (less than 30% of the normal capacity).  Just to get you started.  

       Each wise customer is looking for a cheaper alternatives.  Why not try!

Buying cheap ink is a choice you should make with your eyes wide open.   Third-party cartridges cost less than the manufacturer brands, which is why people buy them.   

It can be difficult to tell whether the third-party ink you buy is any good.   We can't give you any promises, but we can tell you how to shop smarter for cheap ink. 

Go with a big name like Tonerink international
One time-tested method is to shop at an established retailer (online or brick-and-mortar) that guarantees the quality of its products.  Obvious examples include office supply chains that carry their own branded third-party ink cartridges, such as Tonerink International or inkToner international. has an Ink & Toner Finder that can tell you whether your model is covered. If you find compatible ink, you can buy it online or check for inventory at tonerink local reseller.

Do your homework
If you’re eyeing products from a vendor you haven’t used before, ask questions. A reputable online ink retailer should be open about how they source their inks.   Tonerink, for example, claims, " ISO 9001/2000 standards and risk free guarantee".

Check the vendor's website or ask the support staff how thoroughly the company inspects used cartridges. “Do they look for cracks? Do they test the electrical characteristics of the cartridge? A cartridge can look fine but have a broken electrical component, and then it won’t work,”.

Check the warranties for cheap inks
Finally, understand your options if your ink cartridge arrives defective or produces mediocre prints. A survey of some of the vendors shown below indicates that vendors are ready to stand behind unopened cartridges for 45 days to 6 months.